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What is N.E.S.T. ?

N.E.S.T. stands for New Ergonomic Sleep Trainer.  The N.E.S.T. will train you to sleep in the most ergonomically correct positions both on your back and on your side. The N.E.S.T. lays on your existing mattress and PROPERLY lifts and SUPPORTS all the curves of your head, spine, pelvis, and knees.  This allows your muscles to fully relax , promoting BETTER CIRCULATION to minimize aches and pains during sleep and the need to turn as often.  The unique and patented design of  N.E.S.T.  also lifts your ribcage to open the airway and increase respiration for deeper, unobstructed breathing to help RELIEVE SNORING and SLEEP APNEA.  The N.E.S.T. will train you how to sleep more efficiently over time for a healthier, rejuvenating night of sleep.

"Breathe better.  Sleep better.  Feel better"

"The open airway design is a must for snorers and sleep apnea sufferers"

 Dr. Mark Riccabona


How Can the N.E.S.T. provide long-term relief of ACUTE/CHRONIC back pain?

The N.E.S.T. uses your body weight and gravity to slowly and safely stretch your spinal muscles, tendons, and ligaments while gently tractioning your joints for  better circulation and alignment.  This reduces inflammation, muscle spasm and recurring pain and stiffness associated with spinal injuries and aging.  The ultimate GOAL of  N.E.S.T.  is to provide long lasting results by restoring your spine's NATURAL shock absorbing curves and alignment over time for a STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE, PAIN-FREE back for years to come.  The N.E.S.T. is a great solution for anyone looking for a restorative night sleep without aches and pains.


" The N.E.S.T. is custom fit to your frame and turns EVERY bed into the RIGHT bed for you."

  Dr. Rick Harris


Is the N.E.S.T. safe?

YES!  The N.E.S.T. personalizes your sleep.  It is custom fit to your specific curves and needs.  The N.E.S.T. technology was designed using safe and proven researched principles of ligamentous creep and plastic deformation.  In short your ligaments can adapt to new environments and new positions in a safe and effective manner if given enough time and tension to do so.  The ligament needs 2 hours of stretch per day for 90 straight days to allow the spine to reach visco-elastic return and start changing its position.  Let the N.E.S.T. do the work for you while you sleep.  Change your FRAME. Goodbye PAIN!   It's that simple.  The N.E.S.T. has been shown to correct posture and ease levels of joint pain and stiffness over time.

"It's a safe and effective way to manage back pain, while changing the way you view your sleep forever."

Dr. Troy Chamberlin







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